Workforce Development

Imagine this:

A village of artists, technicians, engineers, builders and programmers working together to create magic. That’s what happens when a Broadway show or new play gets built at Proctors or theREP. For every person on stage, there are a dozen more behind the scenes, earning a living at the cutting edge of art, design, performance and technology. Where do they come from? They could come from right here in our region, from your school. 

The Adeline Graham
Theatrical Training & Innovation Center

This year Proctors will unveil a 12,000 square foot training center, where the next generation of stars, on and off stage will gain the hands-on experience needed to succeed in dozens of career paths in the creative fields. Many of our excellent training programs will be hosted there and new programs will be offered toward this mission in the coming year. That is our commitment to workforce training!