Student Matinees

Join us at theREP for a Student Matinee of Fly, written by Trey Ellis and Ricardo Khan. Fly brings the courageous story of the Tuskegee Airmen to the stage. Fighting 2 wars, one for their country and the other against, 4 extraordinary men defy every odd by becoming the first Black Army Air Corps.  

Based on true events, Fly will give you a glance into the trials and tribulations of war, brotherhood, and realities of the 1940s. Through spoken word and tap dance you will see and hear these men’s inner conflicts and triumphs.  

Show details: 

Date: Thursday February 3, 2022 

Time: 10:30am 

Location: 251 North Pearl St Albany, NY 12207

Payment due: January 1, 2022 

Note to teachers/schools: Fly does use language and terms common of 1940s America. Due to the derogatory and adult language, Fly may not be appropriate for all grades.  

COVID-19 Pandemic Changes: 

TheREP impresses the need for safety of not only students, staff, and faculty, but the safety of the performers. For this reason, we have implemented COVID-19 policies for this performance. Students, faculty, and chaperones attending the performance must show proof of vaccination. All attendees regardless of vaccination status must remain masked during the performance.

Personal Responsibility Statement: TheREP prides itself on offering a diverse selection of arts entertainment. Not all productions may appeal or be appropriate for every person or all ages. Patrons are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the shows we offer, in order to make informed decisions prior to purchasing tickets.