What students, educators say about our programs 

I like the creativity of the MediaWorks program. I like that we have the freedom to film whatever we want as long as we follow the topic. MediaWorks has challenged me to be more confident in my work.
– Abby

(MediaWorks) makes me more excited to come to English class. It makes me see the opportunities in the workforce for technology.
– Mary

When young people experience a live show designed just for them, then dialogue with artists about the work and thrill of engaging an audience, it’s nothing short of life-changing.
– Marni Gillard
Storyteller/Arts Consultant

Proctors education programs offer students not only the means of triggering their creative juices, essential in helping them think beyond boundaries and gaining new perspectives, these programs create beautiful things that bring enjoyment, uncover hidden talents and build social skills.
– Marisela

It was an invaluable learning experience to work “behind-the-scenes” in a real professional theatre. I’ve learned the ins and outs of company management and had a phenomenal time with my amazing supervisor. I learned first-hand how actors’ work is contracted and paid for, and how the union protects their rights. It was fascinating to watch a show progress, starting from the audition process, to rehearsals, to the building of the set, culminating in an entertaining and impressive performance. Capital Rep takes good care of their visiting and resident artists, making sure their every need is cared for while housing them in stylish and homey apartments, just blocks from the theatre. All the staff here is very friendly and welcoming. You can never really know how “showbiz” works until you’re in the middle of it, and interning at Capital Rep was a really fun way to gain this experience.
– Chloe Adler
Company Management Intern, Spring 2017