Meet Carter

Carter Irwin
Technical Theatre Instructor
518-382-3884 x 703

Were you involved in High School theatre?
Yes, I was a student in the a vocational technical theatre training program hosted at Proctors when I was in High School similar to the program I am working on now.

What is your favorite role you’ve ever played?
When I attended college I had the opportunity to do lighting design for a production of “In Conflict” by Douglas C Wager. The piece was intense and socially impacting, and my lighting design needed to honestly reflect the honor a soldier feels and the brutality of war.

What is your favorite show that you’ve seen at Proctors?
Cirque Eloize: Rain – It was a beautiful show with some very creative technical elements. I consider the show one of my inspirations that has led me to explore outside of the box theatrically.

Fun facts about you?
I travel regionally to do work as a VJ (Visual Jockey) presenting visuals along side music performances.