Media Lab

Lights, Camera, and Action…
The “Media Lab”  after-school program will provide a learning experience that offers young filmmakers the practical knowledge and technical expertise needed to capitalize on the current digital revolution sweeping the film, video, and media-making communities.

Taught by a seasoned Filmmaker/Media educational professional, this program will be a daily after-school program throughout the school year in two, ten-week semesters. Media Lab is offered to all Schenectady City School District students in grades 6–8. The program will meet at Proctors from 3:00–5:30 p.m. on Monday through Thursday.

This program will focus on:
– Media literacy including current events and news features
– Journalism
– Story structure, screenwriting, and script format
– Acting and directing
– Staging scenes and video production
– Working with digital video cameras and shooting various scenarios
– Editing video footage
– Programming personal works through OSM – Open Stage Media

To register for 2019-2020 Media Lab, click here.

For more information and questions please contact Michael Gatzendorfer, Youth Programs Manager at (518) 382-3884 x197.