After School Programs

In a special partnership with Schenectady School District, students from both the middle schools and high school can elect to participate in four different programs that highlight careers in the arts!

Acting Academy

An acting program for middle school students, this program is to learn the basic techniques of acting while rehearsing in preparation to perform a fully formed theatre production. Performances will occur twice a year and are open to the public! 
Acting Academy teaches the basic techniques of acting while rehearsing in preparation to perform a fully formed theatre production. Included are technical theatre workshops, stage makeup workshops, dance workshops, and music. This program culminates in May with three performances, free and open to the public. Acting Academy will run from Monday, October 15 and run through Thursday, May 9 from 3-6pm. Transportation from school and to the nearest bus stop will be provided. If your student participates in other after school activities, we can work with that schedule with enough advance notice. Registration must be completed by Monday, October 8 to be enrolled in the program. Open to any student registered at any Schenectady City School middle school.
For more information, or to ask questions, feel free to contact Katherine Stephens, School Programs Director, 518-382-3884 x168 or email.

To register for the 2018-2019 Acting Academy Session, click here.

Music and Film Programs:

Media Lab

Lights, Camera, and Action…
The “Media Lab”  after school program will provide a learning experience that offers young filmmakers the practical knowledge and technical expertise needed to capitalize on the current digital revolution sweeping the film, video, and media-making communities.

Taught by a seasoned Filmmaker/Media educational professional, this program will be a daily after school program throughout the school year in two, ten-week semesters. Media Lab is offered to all Schenectady City School District students in grades 6–8. The program will meet at Proctors from 3:00–5:30 p.m. on Monday through Thursday.

This program will focus on:
– Media literacy including current events and news features
– Journalism
– Story structure, screenwriting, and script format
– Acting and directing
– Staging scenes and video production
– Working with digital video cameras and shooting various scenarios
– Editing video footage
– Programming personal works through OSM – Open Stage Media

To register for 2018-2019 Media Lab, click here.

For more information and questions please contact Michael Gatzendorfer, Youth Programs Manager at (518) 382-3884 x197. 

Told By Us Productions

Told By Us Productions aims to strengthen communities via productions of music and films that explore social issues from the perspective of high school students. Participation in the program motivates students to perform well academically while fostering their creativity and opening doors for future career opportunities. The program also serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas and resources between individuals and various organizations.

To register for the 2018-2019 Told By Us program, please fill out this form.

View the 2017-2018 TBU Productions Film in the two links below!

Issa Vibe Mixtape-Concert (Behind the Scenes)

“How Do You Feel?”



A workforce development program for high school students and young adults. This program will provide hands-on training for students to learn the technical theatrical skills in order to go directly into the workforce. 

Visit our TheatreTECH page for more information on this years program!

If you are looking for after school exploration programs for youth, we also have year-round classes. Take a look!

If you would like to build an after-school curriculum with the School of the Performing Arts at Proctors, please contact School Programs Director, Katherine Stephens, at (518) 382-3884 x168.


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