City As Our Campus at Proctors

Wednesday, September 7, 2022, was the first day of the “City As Our Campus” partnership at Proctors in Schenectady. The program is a multi-phased approach in which six high school leadership communities will be developed in partnership with and hosted within the community with these first two being rolled out in the fall (SCCC). The Proctors Performing Arts Leadership Community will include 25 students who will attend class at Proctors this school year. The Early College-Schenectady Scholars at SUNY Schenectady Leadership Community will include 64 freshmen and 24 sophomores and be held each day at SUNY Schenectady.

“The City as Our Campus Initiative is an exciting new avenue that will bring high school students into downtown Schenectady to our Center City location to take courses and special programs, while they engage with our community and have the wonderful opportunity to earn college credits and explore all that higher education has to offer,” said Dr. Steady Moono, President of SUNY Schenectady. “We are thrilled to enhance our partnership with the Schenectady City School District even more as we work together to provide students with access to college and a strong foundation for them to build upon.”